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How To Dab On Your Bong

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So you want to try dabbing, but you don’t have a dab rig. You can make one very easily as long as you already have a bong.

First, you will need a male to male adapter, which you will be using to attach your nail. You can find a male to male adapter either at your local headshop, or right here.

Next, you will need a nail, which will fit into the male adapter. The nail is an integral part of the dabbing process. You can find a nail right here if you don’t already have one. Nails come in glass, titanium, or ceramic. It doesn’t really matter what kind of nail you get, so go with whatever you prefer.

Lastly, you will need a dabber, to be used for grabbing your dabs. You can use a dental pick, a thread ripper, safety pin, bobby pin, or even a paper clip. You can also just one here.

Turning your bong into a functioning dab rig is extremely easy, as long as you know what items you need. Now that you know, go do it!

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Featured Image Source: Youtube-TheDabEnthusiast

Have you dabbed on your bong? Have any advice for first timers? Share in the comments!