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15 Things You Need To Create The Ultimate Stoner Cave

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Your stoner cave is where you and your friends are going to be spending most of your time smoking up, playing video games, and listening to music. You’ll also be spending time here alone, getting high, and pondering the meaning of life, or whatever it is you think about when you’re baked. Your stoner cave is your sanctuary. Make sure you do it right!

Desktop Vaporizer

Every stoner should own some type of vaporizer and every stoner cave should have a desktop vaporizer. What type you get depends on your personal preference. If you don’t vape, you should consider starting because for one, the high is great. Also vaping is easier on your lungs. You can find a good desktop vape here. A great option for a desktop vaporizer is the Volcano vaporizer

Mini Fridge

You’re going to be doing a lot of smoking in your stoner cave, so it stands to reason that you will be getting the munchies a lot. You can prevent a lot of unnecessary trips to the kitchen by keeping a well stocked mini fridge in your cave.

Giant TV

You’re going to be spending a lot of time watching classic cartoons and stoner comedies, as well as playing video games in your stoner cave. Naturally you should have a good TV to do it all on. I recommend connecting your PC to your TV, especially if all of your media (movies, TV shows, etc.) is digital. If you can’t find a TV large enough for your liking, then you can always hook up a projector and make your entire wall your TV.

Cool Lighting

You’re going to need cool lighting to provide the ultimate chill atmosphere. Every stoner cave should have a black light and at least one lava lamp. One of my personal favorites is Christmas lights, which make any room look amazing when you’re really stoned.


Of course you’re going to need cool posters! The type of posters you choose depends on your tastes, but you should have at least one black light poster. In my younger days I loved staring at my black light Sublime “40 Oz to Freedom” poster after smoking a few bong bowls. You should have at least one pro pot poster to tie the room together.

Killer Sound System

You’re going to be spending a lot of time getting baked and listening to good music in your cave, so of course you’re going to need a great sound system. Preferably, you should go for one that will make the walls vibrate. Just be courteous of your roommates or neighbors if you live in an apartment complex with thin walls.

Places To Sit

If you’re planning on having friends over often, then you should make sure that you have plenty of seating available for them. If you’re not going to be inviting people over, then make sure that you have a comfy recliner.

A Bitchin’ Bong

Duh, of course you’re going to need a bong for your stoner cave. Your bong is like your best friend and your girlfriend so choose wisely. You’re going to spend a lot of time together. If you are shopping for a bitchin’ bong, I suggest you go here.

A Stash Box

Every stoner should have some place dope to hide their stash. This is why you’re going to need a good stash box to fit your needs. You can find some pretty dank stash boxes here.

Gaming System

All good stoner caves need a good gaming system. It doesn’t matter what type; I’m not here to indulge in the XBox vs Playstation debate. I personally prefer classic gaming systems, or a modded out gaming system with emulators of all the classic NES, SNES, and N64 games.

A Place To Store Your Pieces

You can’t just leave your collection of pieces out in the open. You’ll need somewhere to put them all, like a set of drawers or a cabinet. You can usually find good ones for pretty cheap at any thrift store or secondhand furniture store.

Glow In The Dark Stars

Glow in the dark stars will make your cave look super trippy when you have the black light on. You can arrange them any way you want, whether it’s in the shape of constellations, a big spiral galaxy, or just random spots here and there. There’s no wrong way to do it. My personal favorite is the combination of stars, shrooms, and peace signs for the ultimate psychedelic vibe.

A Kashtray/ Bud Tray

You need somewhere to dump all your cashed bowls. You could go with a regular ashtray, but I recommend getting a Kashtray, an ashtray specifically designed for cashed bowls. It’s like a regular ashtray, but it comes with a built in poking tool for emptying bowls with ease. In addition to an ashtray, you’ll also need a bud tray for rolling joints.

Dab Rig

Every true stoner needs a good dab rig. Even if your preferred method is smoking flower, it’s nice to have lots of options, right? Make sure that you have a good table or desk for doing dabs since you’re dealing with a hot torch and breakable glass. If you need help finding a good rig, you should go here.

Incense/ Air Purifier

We stoners love the smell of dank buds, but sometimes you’ll want to cover up the smell if for example, you have roommates who don’t like the dank smell, or you live in an apartment or duplex with thin walls. Maybe you’re bringing a girl over and you’re not sure if she’s down. It would be good to have a way to cover up the smell if the need arises.

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to design the ultimate stoner cave, it’s time to put it all together! If you do it right, you’ll never want to leave!

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How do you plan on designing your ultimate stoner cave? Share in the comments!