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The Debate To Allow Pot Smoking Bars In Denver

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The 18 months since Colorado became the first state to legalize recreational marijuana use have been an unparalleled success. With the initial experiment complete, citizens, politicians and regulators are mow considering whether to allow pot smoking bars in Denver, as well as clubs, galleries and other social businesses.

A recent episode of The Cannabist addresses this new marijuana frontier with the Marijuana Policy Project’s Mason Tvert, a major supporter of Prop. 64, who discusses the current push to get regulations allowing for public consumption in Denver put on the ballot this November.

The brief synopsis of the current proposal is that businesses will be able to choose to allow public consumption or marijuana, so long as they abide by existing laws pertaining to age (must be 21 and over) and clean air guidelines (in step with current tobacco smoking laws).

The final point being that “We didn’t want to have a separate but equal system with only marijuana bars and only alcohol,” says Tvert about the intentions behind Prop. 64. “We just wanted to allow adults who choose — to use marijuana if the establishment allows it.”

Watch the video with Tvert to get a more detailed explanation of the current happenings regarding pot smoking bars in Denver. The second video further discusses the issue with cannabis consultant Katherine Grimm and Democratic Colorado state Sen. Pat Steadman.