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Cops Hate Legalization Because It’s Harder For Them To Search Your Car

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Have you ever wondered why cops are so opposed to legalizing cannabis? Well, it has nothing to do with concern for your safety. Legal cannabis makes it more difficult for cops to search your car when they pull you over. See, it is illegal for police to search you for no reason; it’s a violation of your fourth amendment rights. They need probable cause, which is usually that sweet, strong smell of delicious dank. When cannabis is no longer an illegal substance, then there goes that convenient excuse to search you.

The Washington Post reports that the number of vehicle searches has gone down drastically in Colorado and Washington, according to the Open Policing Project. Searches did not go down in states where cannabis is still illegal. You can read the report in full here. Cops also like to search your car so they can confiscate your money. No seriously, the Wall Street Journal estimated that law enforcement has seized up to 1 billion in cash and property from cannabis related cases between 2002-2012. Thanks to legalization, that cash cow is drying up and they are mad about it.

Good. In my experience most police are out to put you in jail, rather than protect and serve you. This is why racial disparities in policing still exist, as well as laws like stop and frisk. Cannabis legalization won’t solve the major problem of racism in law enforcement, but at least less people are going to jail. The fact that cops are annoyed that they can’t search your car and steal from you anymore is not only awesome, it also shows just how corrupt a lot of police departments are.

Source: Washington Post

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