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Cops Found Another Million Dollar Stash At A Dealership

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Police found a million dollar stash in a dealership in Ohio this week, CNN reports. This is actually not the first time the cops have found a million dollars worth of herb hidden inside new cars. Twice as much (almost 80 pounds) was found last February in St. Paul, Minnesota, then a similar amount was found at a Dealership in Dilworth, MN. The stash was found in some brand new Ford Fusions, which were from a Ford plant in Hermosino, Sonora, Mexico. The cars were first assembled in Mexico and transported to Youngstown, Ohio via train.

Cops say that they found the million dollar stash dispersed among 15 Ford Fusions. Kinda gives new meaning to the term “dealership”, doesn’t it? Police say that they can’t figure out why someone’s cannabis keeps showing up at this same dealership. The answer seems pretty obvious to me, but I’m not a trained law enforcement officer. Employees were the ones to find the stash over the course of the last week. They found the stash packed into the trunks and the wheel wells where the spare tires would be kept in each of the different vehicles.

All together, they found 14.5 kilos, or almost 32 pounds in all. What investigators can’t seem to figure out is where the stash is coming from and who it belongs to. Vice reports that the area of Mexico where the cars were assembled is controlled by the infamous Sinaloa Cartel, which was headed up by El Chapo. Employees at these plants are easily bribed because their take home pay is so low. Obviously, no one is going to admit guilt, for fear of reprisal by the cartel.  The FBI, DEA and US Customs are currently working on the case. The Ford Motor Company is of course, angry as all hell and determined to find the people behind the smuggling operation. In the meantime, I know what my next car will be. 

Source: CNN

Image Source: CNET

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