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How to Conserve your Stash without Sacrificing your High

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Chances are pretty good that if you are reading this, you love smoking a ton of weed. Chances are you’ve also had to conserve your stash, which is always a let down. After all, who wants to smoke less weed? Surely there must be a better way to conserve what’s left of your stash, without sacrificing the quality of your high.

Top a Bowl with some Kief!

Smoking a kief bowl is a great way to conserve your stash, and you will definitely not be sacrificing your high! Kief, for those who might not be aware, are the crystals that form on the tips of your buds, which come off when you break them apart. The technical name for one of these crystals is a “trichome.” This is why you want to use a grinder with a kief catcher. Once you have enough kief, you can then use it to top off a bowl! Kief is more potent than dry flower, hence why it is often used for cooking and to make pressed kief hash. Instead of loading a whole bowl, load a half bowl, then fill the rest with kief. It’s guaranteed to send you right to space!

Learn to Love Snappers!

If you need to conserve your stash, there’s always the option of enjoying your herb just a bit more efficiently. I’m talking of course, about loading yourself a snapper, also referred to as a personal bowl. Snappers are a bit smaller than a regular bong bowl, but they still get you quite baked. To take a proper snapper, fill the bottom of your slide bowl with some bud. When you go to take your hit, try to smoke the entire hit at once. See if that doesn’t get you really baked!

This steamroller from Jane West will help you conserve your stash. Image Source: Instagram/grasscityheadshop

Give Up the Blunts (Temporarily!)

If you really need to conserve your stash, this might seem pretty obvious, but it might be time to give up the blunts man. I’m not saying forever of course! For the week would probably be a good idea. The reason why is obvious. Blunts and Js are fun, but they eat up a lot of your stash. This is why you should consider making at least a part time switch to glass. Smoking a bowl from a good glass bong should be more than enough to get you just as high as you want to be. And seriously, consider cutting back on the blunts.

Try Being a Little More Stingy

Sometimes you need to be a little selfish, especially when it comes to conserving your stash. Okay look, I love sharing with my friends just as much as any of you do. However, it is not your job to make sure that everyone around you is getting high on your dime. The first person you should cut off is the mooch. There’s one in every group. As far as the others in your stoner circle go, they should understand that we’re all a little short sometimes, and maybe it’s someone else’s turn to get the group high. If they’re cool, they’ll smoke you out. That is unless they are low too, in which case, show them this article!

Image Source: Instagram/grasscityheadshop

Got any other tips for conserving your stash? Tell us in the comments below!