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Confident Cannabis Will Tell You Everything About Your Legal Weed

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With half the states in the nation now legalizing cannabis for medical and/or recreational use, the bud business is booming. Confident Cannabis, a new tech company out of Silicon Valley has developed revolutionary technology for connecting cannabis dispensaries across the country to the best marijuana money can buy.

Confident Cannabis has used their software to create a database of all the cannabis legally available in the world, which can be viewed in an easy to use app. Among information available is the type of strain, how it was grown, and the concentration of THC and CBDs in the strain.

One of the amazing attributes of Confident Cannabis’ technology is that they use what is called a laboratory information management system (LIMS), which combines all the data in a simpler, more attractive manner than say, an excel spreadsheet. Potential buyers can look at a detailed picture of the strain, as well as all the stats. Think of it like a database of weed baseball cards.

These charts can then be printed out as labels on samples to be sent to dispensaries, similar to nutrition labels on food packaging. Dispensaries can then verify that the sample is as high quality as the grower claims, which would allow growers to then demand a higher price for higher quality cannabis. Confident Cannabis’ database also allows growers to track the samples that they send to dispensaries.

Confident Cannabis’ software is now available in California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Oregon, with over 1500 users on the platform. Confident Cannabis will soon be available in other states that have legalized cannabis such as Washington, and the number of users is expected to grow significantly with each month.

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With companies such as Confident Cannabis working with cannabis dispensaries across the country, buyers need never worry about buying low quality pot ever again. Who doesn’t want the best bud for their bong? What are your thoughts on the future of the bud business? Let us know in the comments.