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Coming Soon: Cannabis Delivery?

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Could the days of making the long trek all the way to the dispensary be behind us? If a bill currently going through the Colorado legislature passes, then yes. SB 192 would allow dispensaries to bring their delectable products right to their customers’ doors.

According to Westword, dispensaries would first have to apply for something called a “delivery endorsement, which would then allow qualified employees to deliver cannabis and cannabis products straight to consumers. Of course, the same purchasing rules would apply. Naturally the rules surrounding cannabis delivery would be very strict, as they probably should be. Customers would not be allowed to have more than an ounce delivered to them per day. People who were “visually intoxicated” would not be able to sign for the delivery either. Drivers would most likely be heavily vetted.

From Westword:

The state’s Cannabis Tracking System would also require dispensaries to closely document their routes, keep manifests, and inventory the products and retail amounts. Drivers would also have to log the number of locations on each drive and track the route between destinations. Product would be kept in a lockbox inside the vehicle.

Why all the security? It’s pretty obvious. For one, the cannabis delivery truck would probably be a prime target for attempted carjackings without it. These precautions are probably the only way that lawmakers would even consider passing such a law. 

If this bill passes which it most likely will, it will be revolutionary for canna-businesses. Also, if it passes in Colorado, then similar laws will probably pass in Washington, Oregon, and California. People love convenience, and what could be more convenient than cannabis delivery straight to your door? Imagine getting your cannabis and your pizza delivered at the same time.

What an age we live in!

Source: Westword

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