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Colorado Will Soon Allow Prescribing FDA Approved CBD

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Colorado is set to become the first state that will allow doctors to prescribe CBD to their patients. Wait, don’t get too excited yet. This new law does not include CBD oil, extracts, or high CBD strains. No, what this new law, which was signed by governor John Hickenlooper, will allow is for doctors to prescribe CBD medications to patients, as long as they have been approved by the FDA.

The FDA is expected to soon approve the prescription CBD medication Epidioloex, which is for patients suffering from seizure disorders. Some are arguing that this new move will help to “boost the credibility of the MMJ market”. Perhaps this could be the case, but I don’t see it that way. After all, CBD itself is not being approved by the FDA, just manufactured drugs that contain CBD or a derivative of it. If this were about giving the medical cannabis market more legitimacy then there would be a bill to allow doctors to prescribe their patients CBD itself, not CBD that was manufactured by a pharma company.

It really just goes to show you how indebted the FDA is to the pharmaceutical industry. The FDA’s decision is expected to come at the end of June. I expect that it will most likely go through because the FDA is in pharma’s pocket.

Source: Hemp Business Daily

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Got anything to add? Will this move lend some credibility to the medical cannabis market, or is that just blowing smoke? Tell us in the comments!