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Colorado State University Awarded Cannabis Research Grant

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On June 6th, the Colorado state senate passed a bill that will award Colorado State University Pueblo up to 270K to study cannabis. Among the things the university will be studying will be, cannabis legalization and its effect on the community, and the benefits of medical marijuana treatment on various physical and mental illnesses such as cancer and PTSD.

The bill, which was signed into law by Governor John Hickenlooper will also reallocate 900K from the state’s Marijuana Tax Fund, to also be given to the university to be used for their research. Colorado has a large surplus in tax revenue due to the taxation of legal cannabis in the state.

Pueblo County Commissioner Sal Pace issued a statement saying, “I am incredibly excited to have real quantifiable data about how cannabis is affecting our community. In the cannabis industry, I think the lowest rung of economic opportunity lies in the store fronts and retail sales. On the next rung is cultivation because it’s a job creator and it’s generating money for the community through exports and taxes. The third rung is the intellectual property that could come out of these studies. I see this type of bio-medical research as the top rung of economic opportunities that have ever been a reality for Pueblo.” Pace went on to state that he believed this research opportunity could potentially make Pueblo County and the state of Colorado a lot of money.

CSU Pueblo would be the first four year university to conduct research on cannabis in the US. If their findings are good, this can only mean positive things for the legalization movement.

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With more studies and research, we’ll learn more about the full possibilities that cannabis provides, who else is excited?!