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Colorado May Ban Cannabis Candy

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Everyone loves candy, and most of us love marijuana. So it makes sense that they mix, right?

Not according to cannabis regulators in Colorado, who are moving to put an end to cannabis candy in the state’s legal recreational dispensaries.

The fear comes from the idea that children may get their hands on something they recognize as familiar, despite its contents being quite different. Simply using the word “candy”, regulators argue, may be enough to encourage someone to throw caution to the wind and consume.

To be fair, most children don’t know what “cannabis” means, and aren’t likely to heed lengthy warnings in fine print. Then again, no responsible user would leave cannabis candy lying around in plain reach of adolescents. There’s no reason the fun has to be spoiled for everyone.

State regulators are also pushing for new regulations that would require large red “stop signs” on edible cannabis products. While it’s smart to label your edibles, the signs would be large and intimidating – suggesting that the products are more dangerous than they really are.

The new symbol would be octagon-shaped, contain the letters “THC” and would have to be placed on each individual edible – not just the package.

“It’s time we have a tool to really let people know there is pot in something,” Diane Carlson of Smart Colorado recently told Fox News.

She didn’t seem to mention anything about Fireball (candy-flavored liquor), chocolate liqueurs or any of the other fun-themed alcoholic items that have been kept safely from children for years. Of course, there are always those who read what they want to read (note: the link is to a satirical article, but we bet you can guess who is spreading it around on their Facebook pages).