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Colorado Cannabis Advertisements Take A Hit

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The Cannabist reports that Denver ABC affiliate KMGH-Channel 7 was set to run advertisements for local dispensary The Green Solution and EVO cannabis oil supplier Neos before a late-night episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”.

However, the channel’s parent company E.W. Scripps interfered to pull the plug shortly after media attention started gathering for the story. While we support the idea of complete tolerance and acceptance of cannabis, their reasoning is actually understandable. They released a statement soon after the cancellation of the ad campaigns was confirmed:

“[E.W. Scripps is] proud to be a company of free speech and open expression, but we have concerns about the lack of clarity around federal regulations that govern broadcast involving such ads.”

Until the FCC stands up and acknowledges the murky legal circumstances surrounding cannabis (or until it’s simply legalized on a federal level) and sets some ground rules, it makes sense that there should be some hesitancy to profit indirectly from cannabis sales. There’s no telling if and when the FCC may start imposing sanctions against media outlets who allow marijuana promotion on their channels.

While we were all excited to see the commercials begin airing live, our disappointment doesn’t have to be too bitter.

The ads have been made available online:

The Green Solution advertisement

Neos advertisement (supplied by Cannabrand)

Many consider this a sign of the difficulty in normalizing cannabis advertisements and recreational use in general. What do you think? Is this unnecessary cold feet without any evidence that these ads will be punished, or is it a smart decision to hold off for now?