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The Best College Majors If You Love Cannabis

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Picking the right major is difficult. College students will typically change majors at least once during their college careers, and some students will change majors even more than that! Why not pick a major that will allow you to turn your love of cannabis into a career?


Horticulture is the study of cultivating plants. Specifically, horticulture majors study the technology, business, and science of growing different kinds of plants, including those used for medicinal purposes, like cannabis. If you love the herb, why not study horticulture so you can learn how to grow it? With a background in horticulture you could pursue a career working in a growing operation or a dispensary. You can also apply your skills to learn how to breed newer and more potent strains.


Getting a degree in the arts is an excellent choice for stoners because it allows you to use your creativity. Art isn’t a degree for slackers either. For example you can major in graphic design and learn how to turn your creativity into serious cash. Head shops and dispensaries are usually looking for graphic designers to help them promote their businesses.


You might not think that business and a love of cannabis would go together. The truth is that if you want to open a dispensary or a head shop you need to know more than just how awesome cannabis is; you’ll also need to know how to run a business. This is where having a degree in business would come in handy.


If you want to learn how to grow cannabis or work at a dispensary, it would help to have a degree in biology. Contrary to popular belief, growing is not something that anyone can do. It requires a lot of scientific knowledge. Cannabis cultivation is a quickly growing field and that degree would help you have an edge over the competition.


The cannabis industry is constantly under attack, which means there is always a need for good lawyers. You can help pave the way for cannabis legalization by arguing for cannabis reform laws. You can represent dispensaries and prevent them from being arbitrarily shut down. As more states continue to push for cannabis reform, the need for lawyers knowledgeable in cannabis will continue to grow.


Chemistry is a difficult major and it’s not for the faint of heart! While growing cannabis requires knowledge of biology, learning how to turn cannabis into oils and edibles requires a lot of knowledge in chemistry. Having a degree in chemistry is not a requirement to work in a cannabis lab, but it certainly would help you to stand out among other applicants.

When selecting a major, you should make sure to pick an area that interests you, rather than what you think will make you the most money, or what you think will be the easiest. Some of these majors are rather difficult and competitive, so you should only pick them if you are really interested in the subject.

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What major would you choose as a stoner? Share with us in the comments!