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Coca Cola Cannabis? Possibly in the Future!

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As soon as we started to see beverage companies, in particular beer companies, getting into the infused drink market, we knew it would only be a matter of time until big soda companies would try to get in on the action. Now, it seems big soda is starting to realize the value in joining the party, Reuters reports.

Now people are starting to show more interest in drinking health drinks and are no longer interested in drinking things packed with sugar. Bearing this in mind, Coke is expressing an interest in offering their customers healthy drinks, including drinks infused with CBD. Coca Cola cannabis could end up being a reality.

The company made a statement Monday after a report from Bloomberg said that they engaged in talks with Aurora Cannabis. Aurora is the biggest cannabis company in Canada. They are also working with Molson Coors to create a new cannabis infused alcoholic drink, just in time for legalization in Canada next month. Coca Cola did acknowledge that they were interested in pursuing the possibility of a cannabis infused beverage, but they refused to confirm it. A Coca Cola cannabis drink, might be a little while off yet. Of course, if Coca Cola did decide to make an infused drink, you can bet that it will be

Of course we should not be surprised that Coca Cola would be interested in getting in the weed business. They are after all, the pioneers of soda, the classic. Can you see Pepsi doing this?

Source: Reuters

Image Source: USA Today

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