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Classy Glass: 10 Bongs for the Marijuana Sophisticate

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A bong gives you ultimate control. Unlike when you smoke a joints or pipes, using a bong allows you to filter and cool the smoke before it hits your lungs, giving you an optimal cannabis experience. Though the experience may be better, the vast selection of bongs available at headshops can leave even the most experienced cannabis connoisseur feeling overwhelmed.

As you become more experienced with cannabis and the various smoking accessories, you’ll notice how differences in quality can make a big difference to your overall experience. These components include the quality of glass, various percolators and stems, as well as design and craftsmanship. Being a marijuana sophisticate means recognizing quality glass, so to help you get started, here are ten of the best glass bongs currently on the market.

SI Pipes Thee Wicked Wizard Carbon Bubbler – $169.99

As a sophisticated smoker, you know that the quality of any glass piece is dependent on its ability to deliver an unparalleled experience. Thee Wicked Wizard by Scientific Inhalations is quite simplistic in its design, but if used correctly can filter your smoke unlike any other device. The mouthpiece of this bong is removable for easy cleaning and provides a spot for one of two additional filtration methods. The mouthpiece stem has also been designed to pack a cotton swab for filtration. These additions are not necessary for the glass to function, but provide one of the cleanest hits on the market. It’s also extremely portable, disassembles nicely and can be used for dabs and flower—perfect for the versatile smoker on the go.

SI Pipes Straight Glass Bubbler with Beaker Base – $159.99

Scientific Inhalations has does it again with this incredible piece of glass. The smoke travels from the bowl into the slitted stem and through to the 38mm beaker. Once cooled and filtered, the smoke continues to a domed percolator chamber, designed to prevent water from splashing into your mouth. Like all bongs crafted by Scientific Inhalations, it’s blown with high-quality borosilicate glass that’s easy to clean and particularly durable.

Sasquatch Glass Bee Hive Bubbler and Base – $200.00

The Sasquatch Glass Bee Hive Bubbler is an incredibly unique piece that looks like something straight out of a scientific laboratory—but it’s actually handcrafted in Seattle, Washington. While the glass hasn’t been used for any mad science experiments, a lot of research has gone into the design of this pristine instrument. By using a minimal amount of water, the Bee Hive Bubbler maximizes the available surface area for better filtration and flavor. As for the Sherlock Holmes mouthpiece, no one could look cooler than when they’re smoking from a Sherlock pipe.

Grav Labs Flare Foot Nano 8-Arm Perc – $169.00

This piece of glass has a beautiful and modern design that produces fantastic smoke. The base of the bong is stable and wide, but it narrows as the glass moves upwards. As the smoke moves from the bowl, it’s filtered once through the down stem and moves into the 8-arm percolator that further filters and cools the smoke. The high-grade borosilicate glass makes for a resilient bong and the Grav Labs logo can be custom ordered in three colors including green, blue and red.

ROOR Dealers’ Cup Bong – $493.56

What makes ROOR so special to the cannabis community is their commitment to quality, as all of their products are blown the highest quality glass. The Dealers’ Cup bong towers over most others at a height of 55 cm and is 50 mm thick, so it produces a high volume of smoke. Be warned: this glass piece is a massive pull and is designed for those who can handle large amounts of smoke. This effect can be softened a bit by utilizing the ice catchers to cool the smoke on your lungs.

Ehle e.Motion Ball – $270.00

If you have respect for the art of glassblowing, Ehle is the company to watch. By using only the highest grade borosilicate glass, Ehle creates bongs that are sturdy and durable. While simplistic in design, the quality of this glass is undeniable once you have it in your hands. Their factory in Germany only produces their glass in low volumes due to their attention to quality, but for a bong company to be in the business for over 55 years, they must be doing something right.

ROOR Special Edition Cypress Hill – $599.00

This glass piece was made in collaboration with the California-based hip hop group Cypress Hill. The glass stem plays host to the Cypress Hill logo and carries their colors on the mouthpiece. Located right under the ice catchers is a pure smoke culture marble that showcases beautiful craftsmanship by the blower. As per most ROOR glass pieces, it’s blown with high-quality glass and towers above most bongs.

G Spot Aboriginal Bong – $328.62

The shape of this glass is inspired by the wooden branch of a tree and has been detailed with aboriginal designs near the mouthpiece and stem. The Aboriginal Bong is blown with borosilicate glass and hosts an indestructibly solid tank joint, created by G-Spot. The bong is 60 cm tall, so you might need a friend to help you light this massive glass piece.

Jerome Baker Stemless Glass Elbow Perc – $199.00

Jerome Baker is a true artist and this is just one of the designs that reflect his talent and creativity. This rig features an 18.8 mm titanium concentrate nail and vapor dome (or a domeless nail, depending on how Baker feels on the day he’s crafting it!). The elbow percolator ends in a slitted, circular disc that filters and cools the smoke. On the mouthpiece of the bong, you’ll find various Jerome Baker logos that give you a glimpse into the mind of one of the best in the biz.

Medicali Glass Slyme 50mil Beaker Base Bong – $240.00

Medicali is one of those companies that prides itself in only blowing its bongs with laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. This glass piece is detailed with a Rastafari-inspired logo and colors adding to the aesthetic beauty. It’s also 50 mm in diameter along the tube, has ice notches and a thick, green slyme mouthpiece at the top. Heads up—because all Medicali bongs are handmade, the bong you receive may differ slightly from the pictures!

These glass pieces all show attention to detail and craftsmanship. Knowing the difference between them and other glass bongs requires a sophisticated knowledge of various techniques, designs and technologies. Those who have an appreciation for smoking culture and glass-blowing should turn to any of these brands and products for an unparalleled smoking experience.

Product images: Grasscity

Feature Image: Robert Kneschke / Shutterstock