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Chill Out, Man! How To Say Goodbye To Paranoia

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One of the unfortunate side effects of smoking cannabis is the feeling of paranoia that can sometimes accompany your high. This is more common when you first start smoking cannabis, but it can still happen to even the most seasoned stoner. Fortunately there are things that you can do to alleviate or completely prevent that paranoid feeling.

Learn When To Say No

This advice is especially important for less experienced stoners. I know that it’s tempting to try to keep up with everyone, when you are in a group surrounded by experienced cannabis enthusiasts. Learn your limits and when to say no. No one will think any lesser of you. They are all focused on their own high, I promise. If you can feel paranoia creeping up on you after taking a couple rips, pass the bong next time it comes to you. Everyone will be grateful because that means more for them.

Munch Before Smoking

Don’t smoke on an empty stomach. You have definitely heard this advice when applied to drinking, but it works the same with smoking cannabis. Having food in your stomach will prevent the dizzy feeling that sometimes accompanies paranoia. You will also be less inclined to finish off an entire bag of chips after smoking that bowl.

Smoke Only The Dankest Buds

This should go without saying, but you should try to smoke the highest quality cannabis possible for a number of reasons. For one, it will taste better. Secondly, your hits will be smoother. Most importantly, lower quality bud is more likely to make you feel paranoid, tired, and it will probably give you a headache. Lower quality cannabis is usually grown in less than ideal conditions and often has had pesticides used on it. Why would you want to smoke pesticides?

Smoke Cannabis With Less THC

This is not to say that you should smoke lower quality cannabis. Instead of smoking cannabis with a higher concentration of THC, try smoking a strain with a higher concentration of CBD. Cannabis with a higher content of CBD gives the user a more relaxed body high, as opposed to a psychoactive one. This is why cannabis strains with more CBD are used to treat pain relief. CBD cannabis also works to counteract anxiety, which is what causes feelings of paranoia.

Smoke Indica

Part of the reason that you might be feeling paranoid is because of the strain that you are smoking. Some prefer to smoke indica strains because they tend to make you feel more relaxed, whereas sativa strains give you a more energetic high. The higher energy high you get from sativa can make some users feel paranoid, especially if they are already prone to anxiety.

Cannabis affects everyone differently. Some people find that it makes them more energetic and creative, while others feel anxious and socially awkward. Some of it has to do with genetics. If you are already dealing with anxiety issues, you should use caution when using any type of cannabis. A lot of it has to do with the type of cannabis you are using. The trick is to find a particular strain that you like. When you are smoking make sure that you are around people that you are comfortable with.

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How have you dealt with paranoia in your high? Do you have any weed wisdom you wish to dispense? Let us know in the comments!