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Be Chill, Man: The Importance Of Good “Budiquette”

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Becoming a stoner is a lot like being accepted into a secret club. The longer you belong to the “Knights Hemplar,” the more you will learn about stoner etiquette, aka “budiquette.” We’ve already gone over the basics of good budiquette, but why is it important? Why do you need to follow these rules in order to remain in the circle?

You Establish Trust

Following the rules of budiquette shows that you are a person who can be trusted to belong to the Secret Society of Sinsemilla. Much of good stoner etiquette is about being a chill person, for example not telling random people where you get your hookups from, or just not advertising the fact that you are smoking cannabis.You’re less likely to get everyone including yourself in trouble. Following the rules shows that you are a person who can be trusted and that you’re neither a narc, or just really lame to be around.

Budiquette Ensures Acceptance Into The Club

Sticking to the rules of good budiquette makes it far more likely that you will be accepted into the club. Fellow stoners will invite you into more circles, more parties, and you’ll have a lot more fun as a result. Once you are accepted into the stoner club, you’re in for as long as you want to be. The only way to be kicked out, is by repeatedly breaking the rules.

You’ll Make More Friends

The longer you belong to the club, the more friends you’ll make, especially if you establish a reputation as a really chill person. It may even get to the point where if you’re not around, people will start asking for you. The friends that you make in the club are some of the best friends you’ll have. Don’t mess this up!

You’re More Likely To Be Hooked Up

Abiding by good budiquette means that you’re going to be hooked up a lot more than you would otherwise. If you are kind and provide when you can, then people are more likely to return the favor. You’re also more likely to be hooked up with better bud through more reliable people. Practicing good budiquette means that you’ll rarely find yourself wanting for good quality cannabis.

You’ll Establish Yourself As A Good Person

It goes back to the old adage of treating others how you want to be treated. As with any group of people, the same can be said of stoners. Practicing good budiquette shows others that you are a courteous person and you value the feelings of other people. You don’t want to be known as “that guy.”

Budiquette is important for a number of reasons, all of which benefit both you and your fellow stoners. It just comes down to having manners and just not being an asshole. Think of being respectful of the rules as a way of paying your dues in this secret club. This a club that you want to belong to, right?

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