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Check Out America’s First Cannabis-Infused Bed And Breakfast

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North Fork 53 is a small, peaceful bed and breakfast that sits only twenty minutes away from the Oregon coast. The homestead showcases a sustainable and responsible view towards running a resort, focused on encouraging organic, healthy eating, as well as promoting awareness of responsible interaction with the environment.

The 4-acre homestead offers a complete experience for anyone who wants to unlock the possibilities of nature. From the organic farm, to the herb gardens, as well as the collection of gathering classes, food preserving seminars, and cooking lessons, there are plenty of activities to get your hands dirty with!

The unique package that sets North Fork 53 apart from other bed and breakfasts is their “Coastal Cannabis Package.” The package, only $100 per two adults, adds a collection of legal cannabis and smoking utilities for your stay. The package comes with two specific strains supplied by a local organic grower, a Pax 2 vaporizer, as well as some rolling papers, a grinder, a lighter, and hemp wick.

Although the cannabis is intended mainly for in-room use, the homestead also has cannabis-friendly designated areas for you to be able to take your cannabis on the go and enjoy the beautiful Oregon landscape. The package also comes with a three-course organically prepared breakfast that was designed to pair with the terpene flavor and experience of the cannabis strains that you received for your stay.

All of the staff at North Fork 53 is experience in the art of living with the planet organically and responsibly, as well as has experience interacting with cannabis and promotes that the bed and breakfast will be a safe and enjoyable cannabis experience for those even unfamiliar with cannabis consumption.

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This place sounds absolutely amazing to me, a place that pairs cannabis with your food and your vacation?! Sign me up! Share who you would take in the comments!