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Chalice Music Festival Sues California Board of Cannabis Control

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Chalice Music Festival, an annual art and music festival, has sued the California Board of Cannabis Control (BCC), Billboard reports. The three day festival, normally held in Victorville each July sued the BCC on the grounds that they were denied a permit despite this being “contrary to the law.” Chalice claims the BCC denied their permit based on an “incorrect interpretation to the law.

Chalice has been postponed for the next few months. A statement on festival’s site reads, “We have a history of creating and maintaining a safe atmosphere and we will continue to provide this culture with a safe place to be who you are without fear of arrest or discrimination for being a cannabis consumer. The City of Victorville has put us at risk.”

Though recreational cannabis is legal throughout the state of California, an integral part of the law states that local cities have the power to decide whether or not cannabis sales of cannabis related activities would be allowed in their respective towns. Here’s where it gets a little more complicated. The San Bernardino County Fairgrounds are located in Victorville, but they are not technically considered a part of the municipality. This gives them a little more leeway as far as what is and what is not allowed on their property. The fairgrounds have approved the festival the last two years.

The lawsuit alleges that in May BCC asked Chalice organizers and their parent company Wisdom apparatus to apply for either a city or county license, which they decided to ask Victorville city officials for approval. Victorville in turn told the BCC that they would not allow a permit, which BCC then denied the music festival their permit.

Should Chalice win this lawsuit, this could set a huge precedent for other festivals that have been denied permits in California because of their association with cannabis. The next step is to pass a bill that will allow cannabis consumption and sales at these events, which could open up an entire new source of revenue for the state and the industry.


Image Source: Freedom Leaf

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