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Could CBD be the New Best Friend of Men Everywhere?

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Men may want to give CBD a little more thought. The male body responds to cannabinoids better than the female body, according to research. This means that women may need a more diverse cannabinoid profile to achieve pain relief than men. There are other benefits of CBD for men that we’ll discuss here. It’s an important cannabinoid with multiple jobs in the body.

Your Sex Life

Have you ever had unexplained issues in the bedroom? It happens sometimes, and it doesn’t mean that you’re broken. Proper blood flow to the penis is a vital step in achieving a sufficient erection. As men age, circulation issues can arise. CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation to allow for better circulation and blood flow.

Erectile dysfunction isn’t reserved just for men above age 50 – men of all ages can experience temporary or prolonged erectile dysfunction. In most cases, it is a blood flow or tissue damage issue. There could be underlying health conditions that hinder sexual performance. What you eat is also a factor.

Men that consume more animal products are more likely to consume higher amounts of dioxins or chemical toxins. If your diet is dioxin or chemical toxin heavy, you may also experience low sperm counts.

CBD comes into play to help flush these toxins out of the body. It also helps prevent them from building up again, as long as you maintain your CBD usage. The toxins tend to make your fat cells their home. The extra toxins may cause some male hormones to become imbalanced.

Is sexual performance anxiety your issue? Men take pride in their sexual performance and satisfying their partners to the best of their abilities. Performance anxiety is common when you’re with a new partner, attempt to try something new or are exploring sexual desires. There is a lot of pressure on men to perform well. The anxiety can cause your brain to stop sending pleasure signals and may shut down the body’s natural reward system. It also causes the body to tense up and constrict blood flow.

Anxiety alone can be debilitating. CBD has anti-anxiety properties to help calm the mind and body. In combination with its anti-inflammatory and vasodilator properties, it may help reduce your sexual performance anxiety symptoms enough for you to have a positive sexual experience.

Here’s where you may get confused. Using traditional cannabis, containing higher percentages of THC, may not be the way to go when it comes to improving your sexual health. THC may increase your difficulties. If you prefer to use cannabis because of its euphoric and aphrodisiac effects, make sure you’re using an adequate amount of CBD too. Strains higher in CBD and lower in THC would be better options if you don’t want to just use a full spectrum hemp CBD product.

Avoid CBD isolate products as these do not use the entire hemp plant and some of the CBD may be left in the plant.

A major benefit of using CBD for sexual dysfunction issues is that you don’t have the potential side effects of pharmaceuticals such as experiencing erections for several hours or risking a heart attack. CBD helps protect your heart.

Improved Stamina

Do you run out of energy or seem to not last long enough to satisfy your partner? CBD may be part of the answer. By allowing the body to relax, it’s more aware of sensation. When you’re more aware of what’s happening to your or around you, it allows the mind to become stimulated easier. The more relaxed you are when you begin foreplay or sexual flirting, your body is more likely to respond and not become overly excited.

You have more control over your erection and you are might be able to last a little longer if you use CBD before engaging in sexual activity.

Is CBD the new best friend of men everywhere?

Improved Heart Health

Men, according to science, are more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases than men. Men tend to have heart attacks or strokes more than women. Some cardiovascular issues may be hereditary/genetic, but most develop due to poor eating habits and poor recreational habits (smoking, drinking, risky behaviors). This adds additional stress to the heart.

An unhealthy heart can inhibit sexual performance, as some men may worry more about their heart holding up than experiencing a sexual encounter. The absolute last thing you want to worry about when engaging in sexual activity is your heart.

Cannabidiol helps increase blood flow, is a vasodilator and may help promote relaxation. When you’re relaxed, there’s less stress put on your heart. It’s able to beat properly and move enough blood in and out of it.

Improved Mental Health

Men experience mental health issues just as women do. When testosterone levels increase, it may make a man more irritable (sometimes coming across as over-arrogant or full of rage), which is unattractive. The extra testosterone may increase your metabolism, heart rate and sensitivity to mood fluctuations. This all plays a role in your sexual performance.

As people age, the brain may suffer cognitively as brain cells die off naturally. The body may not produce the proper cannabinoids to help the brain scrub these dead brain cells away, so it can lead to mood fluctuations, brain signal impediments and other frustrations.

Using CBD daily may help improve your mental health and have better control over your moods and reactions to situations.

Tips for Using CBD to Improve Male Sexual Health

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of CBD is that there is no known toxic dose. You also don’t have the side effects of alcohol, illicit drugs or pharmaceuticals to worry about.

If you are expecting to have a sexual encounter and want to be prepared for the rush of hormones and needing proper blood flow, a full spectrum CBD capsule may be an ideal choice. The capsule should be taken a few hours before your expected encounter so it has time to digest and get to work in your body. You could even take a capsule in the morning if you prefer.

Vape is a good option if you’d like to boost your CBD intake just before a sexual encounter. It’s also a good option to use before engaging in foreplay as it might help you relax.

CBD tinctures are ideal if you need to be ready for sex faster, such as an unexpected encounter. The oil starts entering the body sublingually to potentially start reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow in minutes.

Closing Thoughts

 Men, you don’t have to take male enhancement pills or testosterone boosters. You don’t have to go without having sex because of erectile disorders or performance anxiety. CBD may help as science has indicated that many underlying issues experienced by men in terms of sexual performance may be helped with CBD.