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Canopy Growth Aims to Become the Google of Pot

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Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth is without question a giant in the legal cannabis industry. The company, which has business deals with the likes of Snoop Dogg, and just entered into a billion dollar deal with booze giant Constellation Brands.

In an interview with CNBC last week, Canopy Growth CEO Bruce Linton said that the company was well on its way to becoming the biggest brand in the biz, but they were not there yet. “There’s going to be a dominate leading company and we are not that yet,” Linton said. He then added, “When I need to find information, I use Google. When I think about web services, I use Amazon.”

Of course when Linton says that he wants to be the Google or Amazon of legal weed, he means in terms of being the biggest and therefore the best. I’m sure that he does not mean striving to put all of his competitors out of business through various shady tactics. I’m sure he does not mean that at all (this is probably exactly what he means, by the way). This industry is already unkind to small businesses, as most industries are. There is no reason to believe the same thing won’t happen with legal weed.

When Canopy Growth says that they want to be the Google of legal weed, we should not cheer that as a good thing, especially those of us who are struggling to run a small business. Running a cannabusiness such as a dispensary by yourself is risky and expensive enough. You shouldn’t have to worry about the stoner Jeff Bezos coming after your business as well.

Source: CNBC

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