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Cannabis Supports College Scholarships In Colorado

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In the past year, cannabis sales has generated over $135 million USD in taxes for the state of Colorado. Of this $135 million, about $35 million is going directly towards improving education within the state.

Some who will be able to see the direct effect of this cannabis funding will be the recipients of the Pueblo Hispanic Education Foundation scholarship grants. The foundation is located in Colorado’s Pueblo County, and has been provided the funding to provide scholarships of $1000 to 25 students.

According to Beverly Duran, executive director of the foundation, in a comment to USA Today, “Every year we get a nice pool of students, but we can only award to a small percentage.” This year, the increase in taxes provided the foundation with the ability to expand the number of grants the foundation is capable of providing.

The remaining of the generated tax money is to be used by the state to support drug abuse support programs, law enforcement, as well as the improvement of state infrastructure.

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Cannabis profits ought to go to more programs like this! This is just one of the many examples of how cannabis is shaping the world to a better place.