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Cannabis Spas: The Hot New Way To Heal

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The cannabis spas movement is taking over, and it’s sure to please. Especially those who want a quick ticket off of the pharmaceutical roller-coaster ride.

Those suffering in pain from injuries, and general wear and tear are now engaging in therapeutic massage with the assistance of a curative additive. Alas, a little dab of cannabis oil is going a long way.

The oils or lotions, called “topicals,” are infused with the active ingredients of marijuana. Little technology tweaks peak the oils to perfection. The topicals are massaged into the afflicted area. The client does not get high, yet enjoy the healing benefits and walk away with an eradication of pain.

Spas use a variety of top of the line products and search out companies with reputable reputations. One company, Making You Better Brands, assists those with a variety of ailments. They have found that by producing products with Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa), which is non-psychoactive yet increases the appetite and ability to sleep, and Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDa), they are able to help those fighting cancer. They are also anti-inflammatory and reduce pain.

The company produces a topical spray, balm, mud, shampoo and body wash and bath soak. They are produced within legal states and distributed to dispensaries and medical marijuana patients. The Xternal Topical Spray, enriched with Aloe Vera and cannabinoids, helps those with skin ailments, including a recent client suffering from a severe poison oak rash, who found no relief elsewhere. The spray instantly healed his ailment. Their Xternal Balm is found to assist in the repair of wounds and bruises, and has become useful to MMA fighters, who now endorse the product.

A recent client suffering from seizures started to use Xternal and explained how the product helped ease his worries. He suffered fewer seizures, didn’t worry about having them on a daily basis, and was also able to watch his son at home.

The topicals are helping those with arthritis, burn-related injuries, chronic back inflammation, multiple sclerosis, tendonitis and even those with diabetic neuropathy. It also works for those who suffer from post-surgery pain. It heals, reduces swelling and therefore, eases nerve and muscle pain.

It is estimated that 92 percent of those who have used cannabis to treat an illness found it beneficial. This fact, combined with the present increasing laws of legalization legislation, is leading to increasing numbers of companies that produce the topicals. The number of new massage therapists is increasing as well. And in Denver, the famous safe haven for everything cannabis related, one can find cannabis tour companies and a couple bed and breakfasts. The canna-massage movement is also drawing in new clientele, including men with sports injuries who would never have considered a massage before. But toss in the word “pot” and well, you know.

Want to enjoy the canna-massage movement yourself? Check your state’s laws. Most likely, you (and your masseuse) need to obtain a doctor’s recommendation in order to obtain topicals.