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Why Cannabis and Queerness Go Together

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There are two things that I consider a major part of my identity: my queerness and my love for cannabis. It was actually the latter that made me comfortable with admitting that I was the former.

I Was Confused for Most of My Early Adolescence

When I was in junior high school, I was really confused as to why I was suddenly more attracted to girls. I was raised in a pretty strict Catholic household, that also tended to be pretty liberal on a lot of issues. Queerness was not exactly frowned upon, but it was never discussed openly in my household. I had read that homosexuality was a sin in the bible, and as such I was ashamed of my feelings and tried to suppress them as much as possible.

Then I Tried Cannabis

Things changed the summer before I started high school and I tried cannabis for the first time. Suddenly I felt comfortable in my skin. A whole new world was opened up to me. It’s probably no coincidence that at this time I renounced Catholicism and began identifying as an atheist (no, not the douchey kind). After I began smoking weed and and hanging out with a different, far more accepting crowd, my queerness no longer felt alien to me. It instead felt like something that had laid dormant inside of me for many years, and was now finally waking up. I felt like a new person.

Does Cannabis Make You Queer?

You might remember around 4 years ago there was an infamous Reddit thread where a user claimed that using cannabis made him do gay things. Then, supposedly straight people began to talk about the “gay things” that they liked to do when they were stoned.

I do not think that cannabis itself makes you queer. I don’t think queerness quite works like that. Rather I think (and I’m sure others agree) that using cannabis makes a person more open to experimentation. I guess in that way cannabis is sort of a gateway drug, only instead of leading me to doing heroin, it led me down the path to self acceptance! I hope that it can continue to do the same for others in my LGBTQIA community.

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Did cannabis help you come out, or help you to be more comfortable with your queerness? Tell us all about it in the comments!