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This Cannabis Pizza Might Be The Greatest Snack Ever

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A medicinal cannabis dispensary in Massachusetts may have come up with what might be the greatest snack of all time: a cannabis infused pizza. Ermont, which is in the Boston suburb of Quincey has been selling their cannabis pizza for only three weeks now, and already they are high in demand. The pies are only six inches and they cost $38 a piece, but each one is packed with 125 mg of THC, so I don’t have to tell you that they are incredibly potent. Judging from the pictures and the reviews, their cannabis pizza is quite tasty too.

Ermont’s has sold 200 cannabis pizzas according to the Boston Globe. Seth Yaffe, the director of operations at Ermont’s wanted to make an edible that didn’t have the high sugar content of other edibles, most of which come in the form of some kind of dessert or pastry. This is not to say that those edibles aren’t tasty, but they do have an extraordinarily high sugar content. Some of the people who use medical cannabis have medical conditions where they cannot eat sugar, like diabetes. These people don’t have a lot to choose from in the edible department. Other than pot pesto, and pot pork carnitas, I can’t really think of any edibles that aren’t sugary.

Ermont’s cannabis pizza is only available to residents of Massachusetts with a medical card, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t try to make one on your own. Pizza is delicious and also ubiquitous with the stoner community, so I don’t know why I’ve never tried making this before. I know what I’m going to do this weekend.


Image Source: YouTube

How dank does cannabis pizza sound? Have you made anything like it before? Share recipes and stories in the comments!