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This Cannabis Nasal Spray Allows You to Snort your Weed

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Have you heard? Snorting weed is now a thing you can do. I’m not talking about grinding up your herb and snorting it up your nose like cocaine or something. I’m talking about cannabis infused nasal spray, which is now commercially available.

People have been making their own cannabis nasal spray for years apparently (I did not know this). It works much the same as a tincture does, though it’s not the same as a tincture because there is no alcohol. Cannabis nasal spray absorbs differently from smoking it or eating it because it does not have to go through the digestive system first. Instead it goes through the nasal passages and straight to the brain. Apparently, it affects you the same way as smoking or eating, as in it gets you high.

The primary use for cannabis nasal spray is medical. For a number of reasons, people might not be able to (or don’t want to) smoke their herb. They might have issues with eating their herb too. In any case, the spray is just as effective as smoking, vaping, or eating it, that is according to the company that just released it, Verra Wellness.

According to Dr. David Cassarett, the results might not be as promising as they say. In an interview with Motherboard, Cassarett said that the efficacy of cannabis nasal spray is most likely, a lot of hype and not much else. “A lot of the stuff about bioavailability and any drug tends to be kind of hype-y,” he said. “If one product had a bioavailability of 50 percent over, say, 25 percent, you could use a little less but it’s not like it’s a life changer.” Regardless of how effective the cannabis nasal spray is, it’s good that there’s the option out there for people. Considering that I have one hell of a cold right now, nasal spray sounds pretty nice. Science is pretty cool.

Source: Motherboard

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