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5 Ways Cannabis Helps You Exercise!

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I’m going to level with you here, right off the bat. I hate exercising. The idea of going to a gym where there are other people more fit than I¬†always holds me back, along with the fact that exercise just isn’t that fun, however I still realize the value of fitness. To make my exercise adventures a little less painful I like to take a few puffs before I go on my run, or will bring my vaporizing pen when I’m going on an all-day hike. Since starting this habit, I’ve found that there are actually a lot more benefits to smoking weed an exercising than just being high, check some out!

1. It makes outdoor exercises adventures!

It’s hard to beat the beauty of the outdoors, especially when you’re out for a morning jog and nature is still peacefully quiet. The animals are just beginning to stir, the sun is shining on your back, illuminating the road ahead with brilliant orange, and the wonderful taste of cannabis is coming off your lips with the exhale of a hit from your handheld vaporizer. There’s just something about cannabis that makes the air just a little bit crisper, makes breeze a little bit friendlier, and makes the sun just a little bit warmer. I recommend doing almost anything outdoors stoned, so long as you can be reasonably safe while you’re doing so, (I’m looking at you, mountain climbers, be safe up there!)

2. It can help your breathing.

Exercise is very reliant on rhythm, whether or not you might realize it. When you’re running or lifting, you are managing your breathing, inhaling and exhaling depending on how each rep will work out your muscles, how fast you’re working, how many reps you’re doing per set, etc. Cannabis has always make me very aware of my breathing, it makes oxygen feel just so much more filling. It’s kinda like when you hot box your friend’s Toyota, and after a half-hour to an hour of sitting in a haze filled box you burst out of the vehicle and take several deep breaths of the cool night air and you get that feeling of “Oh my god, oxygen is awesome!” You know what I mean?

3. It will be easier to take your mind off the workout.

For some people, the hardest part about working out is that they can’t get their mind off of the fact that they’re working out. They focus too much on the fact that exercising can be difficult, and it puts a strain on them before they can improve. After taking a few puffs off the pipe, you might find that it’s easier to take your mind away from the constant task of lifting and dropping feet and instead you can focus on the trees on the horizon, or maybe it will simply help you get lost into the beats coming from your headphones that will carry you through that last mile.

4. Some studies have linked cannabis use with weight loss.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Weight loss? Are you KIDDING me? How can I possibly be losing weight if I get the munchies whenever I toke?” Well the truth is, researchers at San Diego State University and Cornell University came to the conclusion there could be a link between marijuana use and declining obesity rates. The study does not claim that marijuana itself reduces weight, but rather the effects create a more suitable environment to lose weight. You focus the munchies on a healthy pre-workout snack, or use the pain-relieving benefits of cannabis to help you stretch out before getting fit, it all depends on how you use it!

5. Weed and exercise will work together as the ultimate anxiety relief!

I’m sure that you are already aware of the fact that cannabis can relieve stress in your life. In fact stress-relief might be one of the most well-known uses for cannabis, did you know that it’s exactly the same with exercise? That’s correct, right after “getting bigger muscles” the most commonly reported benefits from exercise are an elevation to to standard mood and stress-relief. Daily exercise has been shown to reduce anxiety, and when combined with responsible cannabis use, you could have the penultimate stress-reliever on your hands!

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I don’t roll a joint before every run I go on, but I really wish I could! What about you? How often do you exercise stoned? Did we miss any benefits? Let us know in the comments!