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Cannabis Dispensary Makes Denver History By Winning Back Its License

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A medical marijuana dispensary in Denver has made history by becoming the first dispensary to win its license back, after it was initially revoked in March of last year, when the was shop first opened.

It was a long and expensive battle for the owner of Pig N’ Whistle Ross Vaisman. His court case lasted over 15 months and ended up costing him about 3.7 million dollars. The cost was mainly due to lost revenue because of not being able to operate his business for almost a year and a half. The city of Denver had initially revoked his license because of complaints by his neighbors.

In January a district judge ruled that Vaisman had the right to operate his business and that city officials had “abused their discretion by arbitrarily and capriciously misconstruing and misapplying the law,” as he stated in his ruling. The city of Denver continued to fight Vaisman for another four months, refusing to grant him his license because the city had passed a law putting a cap on the number of dispensaries in Denver back in April.

Last week a different judge ruled that the city was still acting unfairly and that they could not deny a business a license based on a law that had not yet been in place when he’s first applied for a license.

Vaisman’s victory sets a great precedent for other medical marijuana dispensaries that have been unfairly shut down in Colorado. Hopefully, this ruling will put an end to the shuttering of legal cannabis dispensaries.

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