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Cannabis Delivery To Your Door? Meadow Makes Your Dream Reality

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One of the main complications the legal cannabis market faces today is accessibility. Medical and recreational dispensaries are opening their doors daily, however this has still done nothing to stifle the long lines and wait times to just get into the dispensaries and cannabis clubs. For some, it’s impossible to drive and wait for such a long time to get their medical marijuana, so for who can’t leave home to pick up their prescription cannabis, or even the folks who simply just don’t want to get off the couch and drive to obtain their bud, there is hope!

Introducing Meadow, a new online delivery service that connects patients directly to the medical dispensaries in their area and allows you to place an order that will be delivered straight to your door!

Meadow Provides Free, Fast Delivery Directly To Your Door

The service’s key feature is obviously that of it’s free, yes FREE, fast delivery straight to your door. Not only that, getting your bud will be faster than Amazon Prime by far, since Meadow promises the average delivery time from Dispensary to Your Door being a measly hour.

When greeting your bud at the door, you won’t even need to tip your delivery person. Simply pick up your bag, confirm your identity, and you’re good to go! Meadow believes delivery is a vital service for those patients who have ailments that impair movement or make it difficult to travel to local dispensaries, so the company strives to make it as easy of a process as possible.

Great Quality And Variety

Currently, Meadow services 48% of zip codes in the state of California with 50 dispensaries and is already looking to expand within California, as well as into other states in the future.

In addition to a variety of great dispensaries to shop from, Meadow delivers a wide collection of flower, pre-rolls, edibles, as well as concentrates for your toking pleasure. Even if you’re not looking for such THC heavy items, Meadow has got you covered with a selection of topicals as well as a category high CBD content strains. Not sure what you want? Call up the dispensary you’re thinking about making the order from and grab a few awesome recommendations from the staff and still get that great delivery service from Meadow!

Meadow doesn’t stop at great products and selection, the company also provides incredible customer service between the speedy delivery service and dispensary connections. Should you ever order an item that is out of stock, a representative from Meadow or the dispensary you ordered from will contact you and offer you alternative suggestions, or you can simply tell the representative to fill your order with something else you had your eye on!

Place your first order on Meadow’s website today!

Who’s excited for their first Meadow order? Let us know how much you love the service in the comments!