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Cannabis Decriminalization In Italy Finds Support

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The long list of lawmakers was reported by an Italian tracking group and contains names from every corner of the political landscape in Italy. The proposal would allow for cannabis decriminalization in Italy, along with regulations for production, consumption and sale.

This comes in a country that has been notoriously harsh, even recently, in creating and enforcing its drug policy. However, a sign of hope for cannabis users who would rather not be associated directly with heroin and cocaine addicts came last year. A law introduced by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in 2006 made punishment for cannabis and coke equal, but it was struck down in February 2014, releasing the many prisoners who were wrongfully incarcerated.

If the proposal is accepted, marijuana enthusiasts and medical users alike would be allowed to grow and consume the plant in the privacy of their own home. The plan would tolerate up to five plants per household, up to 15 grams of dry cannabis stored at home and up to 5 grams when carrying in public.

Those exceeding the limits would be advised to take caution, though enforcement would likely be reserved only for the mass-producers associated with black market activities. In addition, the state would be charged with creating a plan for mass production and sales, with licensing similar to the coffeeshops seen in The Netherlands.

The new laws would even go so far as allowing social cannabis clubs, similar to those currently operating in Barcelona (for now, at least), with a proposed maximum of 250 plants between 50 people. Cannabis decriminalization in Italy could mean a new dawn for tolerance and acceptance, even creating a new hotspot for Europeans living in areas where cannabis is not currently tolerated by the government.