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Cannabis Crypto Soars After a Shoutout from Dennis Rodman

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Cannabis crypto currency Potcoin experienced a surge after a shoutout from former NBA star Dennis Rodman during a visit to Singapore, Inverse reports. Rodman was spotted wearing a tshirt with the name of the cannabis crypto during the same time as his self proclaimed friends Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un met for a summit to discuss ending US/ South Korea exercises on the Korean border.\

CoinMarketCap listed Potcoin at the price of 10 cents a coin, amounting to an 18.16 percent increase in a 24 hour period, ending at 21.2 million. This is nowhere close to say, Bitcoin, but this is a significant gain nonetheless. Rodman’s claim to fame post retirement is a friendship with Kim Jong Un over what he’s referred to as “basketball diplomacy.” He has experienced sharp criticism from people over his friendship with Un. Rodman has also been friends with Trump for years, once calling him “one of the best negotiators of all time.” When Rodman visited North Korea last year, he presented minister Kim Il Guk with a copy of Trump’s book Art of the Deal.


Potcoin posted a picture on Twitter of Dennis Rodman photoshopped between Trump and Un with the words “You’re Welcome!” Naturally the picture was the subject of mixed criticism on Twitter, with some praising the move, and others replying with the highly appropriate response of “WTF.” regardless your thoughts on cannabis crypto, Rodman, Trump, and North Korea, you have to admit that this is a pretty smart business move.


Image Source: Independent

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