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Cannabis For Cramps May Become A Thing In New York

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One of the reasons that cannabis is so popular with women is because it helps ease the pain and obnoxiousness of our “monthly woe”, by that I mean menstrual cramps. The state of New York, in which cannabis is legal for medical use, may soon pass a bill that would allow doctors to recommend cannabis for dysmenorrhea aka menstrual cramps.

Though medicinal cannabis is legal in New York state, the law is extremely restrictive on who is authorized to use cannabis. The list of medical conditions doctors are allowed to recommend cannabis for is very short. Typically only people with medical conditions such as cancer or HIV/ AIDS are authorized to use medicinal cannabis. Anyone who has had cramps (half the population) can tell you that they can be debilitating. Imagine someone kicking you in the stomach repeatedly. They often put you out for an entire day. For some women, like those with endometriosis,  it’s even worse than that.

As serious as menstrual cramps are, they are often not taken seriously and/or are dismissed as “women’s issues.” If you don’t believe me, ask any woman who has called in sick to work because of them and ask her what kind of reaction she got. The measure passed overwhelmingly at 21-2, and is now headed for the New York State Assembly.

This is awesome news for women, not just in New York. I know that I’m pretty useless when I’m suffering from cramps. Some women can’t even get out of bed. Midol is okay, but really the only thing that helps me is cannabis, especially if I get my hands on a good Kush. This bill if it passes will get more people talking about the seriousness of menstrual cramps. Maybe now more bosses will listen to their female employees when we call into work sick, clutching our abdomens.

Source: Newsweek

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