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Cannabis Company To Turn California Town Into Reefer Resort

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This week, the a cannabis company bought the tiny town in southeastern California and they have pretty cool plans for their purchase: they are planning on turning it into a giant reefer resort. American Green Inc. bought Nipton, California (population less than 50) for the reported price tag of 5 million. Their goal is to turn the town into the country’s “first energy independent cannabis friendly hospitality destination”, according to the company’s statement.

Nipton is an 80 acre ghost town that has been up for sale since the beginning of this year. The entire town will become a hub for growing cannabis, as well as a popular destination for cannabis tourists, a reefer resort if you will. The owner Roxanne Lang confirmed the identity of the buyer this week. The company is already in contact with different dispensaries and edibles manufacturers asking them if they would be down to move their operations to the new cannabis commune.

Nipton’s reefer resort is expected to draw large crowds not just from inside California, but also from neighboring recreational state Nevada, the border of which is only miles away from Nipton. American Green also plans to capitalize on the town’s existing solar panels, which will hopefully turn Nipton into a self sustaining community.

There’s no word yet on whether Nipton will keep its current name, or if American Green will rename it to something like “Weedtown USA”, “Pot Paradise”, or “Sativa City”. Business Insider suggested “Potsylvania.” Regardless what they end up naming it, I know where my next vacation destination will be.

Source: CNN

Image Source: Flickr/ Ken Lund

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