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Cannabis Company Launches Cannabis Health Challenge

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Cannabis media company Green Flower Media, has launched an event to promote healthy living through using cannabis. The first annual Cannabis Health Challenge started this past Saturday, and will last for ten days total. 

The contest is open to anyone, but the only way to compete is to go to Green Flower Media’s official site and become a member. Anyone can join and compete, but participants should be people who are as passionate about living a healthy lifestyle as they are about cannabis.

According to the site, Contestants will receive a video each day, which will instruct them on how to “consume cannabis responsibly and engage in three health enhancing activities. The three activities are exercising and using cannabis, combining cannabis with a healthy diet, and something called “reflection” where you sit and plan out your path of self-improvement.

Full access to the rules are available to members only. The contest is only two days in, so there’s still time to join in and earn the points needed to win! If you want in, I would do it sooner rather than later. The purpose of the challenge is to show how cannabis use complements things associated with healthy living, like eating right and exercising. Despite all of the health benefits of using cannabis, it still faces a stigma.

I love using cannabis before doing a good workout. I always take a few puffs off of my vape before I do my nightly workout routine, and I can tell you that it definitely enhances the experience. Using cannabis prior to working out certainly makes doing difficult exercises like planks a lot more bearable.

If you get a chance you should definitely do the Cannabis Health Challenge.  If you miss out, I’m sure that they’ll do it again next year. However, if you’re participating, or plan on participating, please tell me all about it below. I would love to hear your stories!

Image Source: Business Insider

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