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Cannabis Coffee Drink “Somatik” Combines The Best Of Both Worlds

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I love coffee and I love cannabis. Both help me get out of bed and prepare me to face whatever the day might bring. Both also make it possible for me to interact with people without biting their heads off, because to say that I’m not a morning person, is probably the understatement of the decade. Now there’s a product out that combines my two favorite things cannabis and coffee into one delicious beverage. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for cannabis coffee.

Cannabis and coffee have been combined before, but definitely not like this. The cannabis coffee drink, called Somatik is the brainchild of the California based cannabis company Somatik and the Bay area brewers Ritual Roasters. The cannabis coffee drink contains 15mg of THC in an 8 ounce bottle, and it is guaranteed to start your day the right way!

The coffee itself is delicious. If you’re in California, then you should try some of Ritual Roasters’ epic coffee. Somatik is made from a blend of their organic, fair trade, cold brewed coffee, which is of course, the only type of coffee that you should be drinking anyways.

The resulting high is definitely present, though not overpowering, I’m told.Christopher Schroeder founder of Somatik, said in an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, “There’s no replacement for a joint and a cup of coffee. [Somatik] gives me a more balanced feel between my mind and my body, so I don’t feel as ‘cerebral’ as when I smoke a joint. It’s functional. It does make me feel light and fun, but also relaxed and very much in my body still.”

Somatik was just released this year, so it’s only available in local dispensaries, but I expect that we will see it reach a much larger market soon.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle
Image Source: PopSugar

Have you tried Somatik? Do you have any other cannabis coffee drinks you’d recommend? Share in the comments!