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Cannabis Church Preaches Love Of God And Cannabis

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I haven’t been inside of a church to worship in over a decade now. If there was ever something that could get me back inside of a church, it would be this cannabis church deep in the heart of Alabama.

The Oklevueha Native American Church of Inner Light, is not just a gathering place for people to hang out and talk about how much they love smoking weed, or a stoner hang out, or anything like that. The people who attend this cannabis church have a deep spiritual connection with cannabis, and of course God.

Thousands of years before you rolled your first joint, ancient cultures considered cannabis to be not only very valuable in everyday life, but also sacred because the feeling of euphoria made one feel closer to God. Cannabis is still used this way in Native American tribes.

Janice Rushing and her husband Christopher founded the Oklevueha church in 2015. Janice told that she uses cannabis everyday for chronic pain. “If I did not, I would be on pain pills,” she said. Her husband also uses cannabis. The church is legally exempt from federal and state laws prohibiting cannabis, since the church attendees use cannabis for religious purposes.

Members routinely gather to talk about how cannabis and their relationship with God has bettered their lives. The members of the church also take hallucinogenic mushrooms and peyote. Christopher Rushing says that taking mushrooms and peyote are “God’s way of turning our brains on.”

Rushing believes that all plants should be legal for medicinal use. He believes that the pharmaceutical industry keeps them illegal so that they can make a profit selling pills that harm people. He and I are in agreement there.


Image Source:  The Daily Beast

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