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Cannabis on the Cheap: Best Bongs Under $75

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Luckily enough, you don’t have to break the bank to make a positive change in your marijuana routine. Using a bong is a much healthier and more ideal way to consume cannabis, so say goodbye to rolling papers and check out Grasscity’s best options for under $75.

Black Leaf – El Nino Glass Bubbler ($49.00)

This small bong is on the cheaper end of our list but still packs a potent punch. With a built-in shower diffuser, it’s sure to filter and cool your cannabis smoke for a pleasant and soothing experience. With such a large base, this product is exceptionally stable and leaves little chance of a devastating accident.

Scientific Glass Bubbler with 6-Arm Tree Perc ($49.00)

You’ve probably never seen anything like it before, but the Scientific Glass Bubbler is the king of comfort for any cannabis consumer. The slender, curved tube ends in a wide, flared mouthpiece, which makes using it a unique and luxurious experience. Plus, say goodbye to any unwanted bubbling in your mouthpiece since this bong’s two compartments keep everything separate.

Black Leaf – Saxo ($49.00)

This incredible bong deserves to be highlighted somewhere in your home due to its unique design. Better yet, it will cost you only a crisp, fifty dollar bill! Thanks to its extra long tube, this bong forces smoke to travel just a little farther before reaching the mouthpiece for extra cooling action. You’re going to want to give this guy a try.

Gas Mask Water Pipe ($64.00)

While this might be a little hardcore for a casual weekday smoke sesh, the gas mask bong is terrific for parties and usually attracts a crowd. This glass is a great deal at $64.00 and is guaranteed to fit any head size. Expert advice: close your eyes when taking a hit as the gas mask will fill with smoke and this can leave your eyes watering.

Grace Glass – Limited Edition Vapor Bubbler ($73.50)

This unusual bong is sure to intrigue your guests, but it functions just like a normal bong, making it an easy option with which to smoke your favorite strain. The inline shower-head diffuser breaks up the smoke so that it gets thoroughly filtered, giving your lungs and throat a refreshing mist. Perfect for smoking concentrates and essential oils, the Vapor Bubbler is limited edition for a reason, so get it while you still can!

Black Leaf – Mini Nautilus Tube ($74.00)

The Mini Nautilus is unique with its horizontal perc and bent tube design. Usually, percolators with these sorts of features can be difficult to clean, but because its piece are removable, this bong is as easy to clean as it is to smoke out of. It just barely makes this list with a price tag of $74.00—but it’s definitely worth it and the high customer rating speaks for itself.

Glass Water Pipe with Tar Catcher ($67.50)

Bongs with tar catchers are great for removing many of the chemicals that can cause cannabis smoke to be unhealthy. This bong features not only a terrific tar catcher but also has an octopus percolator for added filtration.

Grav Labs Glass Blunt ($14.50)

Truly a revolution in cannabis smoking, this blunt was developed by Grav Labs to be used without papers Simply pack this glass tube with the finest quality cannabis and smoke away! As the marijuana becomes ash, it can be emptied by pushing the mouthpiece inward. It’s a great buy for smokers on any budget.

Dude Bubble Base Ice Bong Set with Aluminum Case ($61.00)

This product is the complete package. Not only do you get a great traditional bong with ice catchers, but this sleek black case also includes a downstem and bowl, a grinder, a lighter and screens. At $61.00, this product is an excellent cannabis starter pack and is perfect for taking with you on weekend trips to the cabin.

G-Spot – Glass Stand-Up Sherlock Bubbler Pipe ($65.00)

We’ve saved one of the best for last. This Glass Standing Sherlock Pipe is a sexy and exciting piece of glass that is sure to have all your friends in awe. As a hand pipe, it’s easily ported around to parties, weekend get-aways or simply left on your bedside table. And with a price tag of only $65, it’s one you absolutely need to have in your collection.

For more great deals and products, head over to the Grasscity shop and browse our huge selection of bongs, vaporizers and pipes.

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