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The Canadian Weed Shortage is Pretty Bad Folks

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Long before the legal Canadian market opened a week and a half ago, we’d been hearing that there was going to be a shortage of product. As it turns out, the Canadian weed shortage is worse than initially thought.

When experimenting with cannabis legalization, there are always going to be bumps in the road. As the first major country to legalize recreational cannabis, we certainly expected Canada to be the same. Sadly, the Canadian weed shortage seems to be worse than expected, and an unfortunately timed strike among Canadian postal workers is not helping matters (for the record I support the CUPW strike, and wish to express my solidarity with the workers of Canada Post).

Both Quebec and Ontario, two of the largest Canadian provinces, were reporting shortages within hours after the market opened on the 17th, Market Watch reports. The government shop in Quebec already shortened their hours to be open Thursday-Sunday, simply because they were not carrying enough product.

Why is the shortage so bad?

Well there are a few reasons. First of all, demand ended up being greater than anticipated. The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) an online dispensary serving Ontario reported 100,000 sales in the first 24 hours. That’s just in Ontario. In addition to the high demand, online retailers are also dealing with the above mentioned strike, which is affecting four different provinces, including Ontario. Customers are inundating OCS with complaints about late deliveries, cancelled deliveries, and even poor quality product. Lastly, in addition to a weed shortage, there is a shortage of licensed cannabis suppliers in Canada. Not only is there not enough weed in Canada, there is no one really to get more from. Hopefully things improve because so far Canadian legalization is off to one hell of a rocky start.

Source: Market Watch

Image Source: CNN

Are you a Canadian resident? What have been your experiences so far? Tell us in the comments below!