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Canadian University Offers Marijuana Class

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If all you really learned in college was how to grow marijuana and make a bong from pretty much anything you could find, there’s finally a class structure that perfectly suits your interests.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University is offering a medical marijuana program for all students interested in breaking into the budding world of cannabis.

One such marijuana class is titled Plant Production & Facility Management (MEDM 9001). The course will teach students about plant characteristics, healthy and unhealthy marijuana plants, pest management and more.

Another class discusses Marketing, Sales & Drug Development (MEDM 9002). Both classes will be held online.

From the course description on the University’s official website:

“The Introduction to Professional Management of Medical Marijuana for Medical Purposes in Canada course is designed to provide an overview of the successes and continual challenges within the rapidly expanding medical marijuana market.

“The 14-week course is delivered online, making it open to anyone, anytime. Learn from professionals with experience in the industry including horticulturalists, lawyers and marketing specialists.”

New government regulations have made this possible, CBC News reports. The instructor for both courses reinforced the importance of education and cited gaps in the current regulations.

No news about what the extra credit structure will look like, but it probably won’t look like the results of the Bong-A-Thon.