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Canadian Girl Scout Sells Entire Stock of Cookies to Dispensary Goers

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There are some people who are just born to be great sales people, and this nine year old Girl Scout is a natural. Last week, nine year old Elina Childs made the news because she sold her entire supply of Girl Scout Cookies to customers waiting in line at an Edmonton dispensary in just 45 minutes. Child’s father Seann said in an interview with CNN that she usually took 2 weeks to sell her cookies just going door to door. That girl is going places in the business world, let me tell you. Okay, so yeah selling cookies to people waiting in line at a dispensary is pretty obvious, but it’s still a cute story nonetheless.

Childs was in the car with her father, who happened to see the long line at the dispensary. They decided why not, stopped and sold over 100 dollars worth of Girl Scout Cookies in less than an hour. According to CNN, people were overjoyed to see Elina, though she did not know why. “She didn’t quite understand what the big deal was,” her father Seann said. “She was just selling cookies in her mind, but everyone was so happy to see her, and kept congratulating her.”

How much do you want to bet more Girl Scouts will start following in Childs’ footsteps? I bet the really ambitious ones do. Parents, are you tired of selling cookies at the office? Just go wait outside of a dispensary. Let the sales come to you. 

Source: CNN

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