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Canadian Company First To Export Legal Cannabis To Europe

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Canadian company Tilray, has made history this week as the first marijuana grower to export medical marijuana to Croatia. Tilray is licensed by Canada’s health ministry to distribute cannabis throughout Canada. They were recently given a license to export cannabis for medical purposes to dispensaries in the European country of Croatia.

Sean Carney, Tilray’s director of European business development, in an interview with VICE News said, “It’s the industry of the future, and countries right now in Europe are set for a strong medical cannabis market. This is just the tip of the iceberg.”

Last week, Tilray shipped two different types of capsules, one containing THC and the other with CBDs to Croatia, who legalized cannabis for medical use last year. Tilray hopes to eventually export cannabis to other countries in Europe and even Australia. Carney hopes that Tilray will eventually lead the world in the field of cannabis exportation.

Tilray was chosen by the Croatian government because the company is strictly regulated by the Canadian government, for the sale and use of their product. As it so happens, European countries have the most stringent regulation laws in the world when it comes to cannabis production and distribution.

Croatia was obtaining their cannabis from Bedrocan, Amsterdam, but Bedrocan only exports dried cannabis, whereas Croatia mainly desired cannabis oils. Cannabis production and distribution in the United States is not as strictly regulated as it is in Canada, so it is unlikely that European countries will attempt to do business in the United States at any point in the near future.

If the US were to stop working so hard to stymie the growth of the legal marijuana industry and improve its regulations, one can argue that exporting cannabis to other countries would vastly improve the state of the US economy.

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I wonder if an international cannabis market would influence other countries to legalize. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!