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Canada Will Legalize Cannabis Summer 2018

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made the promise during his 2015 campaign that he would legalize cannabis throughout Canada, and now it looks that is actually going to happen. CBC reports that the Canadian government will make the announcement at the beginning of next month. The date of legalization will be July, 1 2018.

Nationally, the age limit will be set at 18, but individual provinces will be able to set their own age limits and how cannabis will be distributed and sold. Residents will be allowed to grow up to four plants per household, and will be allowed to purchase a limited amount for personal use.

The reasoning behind the Canadian government’s decision is to be able to safely regulate cannabis, keep it out of the black market, and also out of the hands of children. This news comes as a surprise to those who have witnessed or been victims of raids conducted at the various dispensaries throughout Canada as part of “Project Claudia”. Last year 43 dispensaries were raided and 90 people were arrested as over 200 kg of cannabis were seized from dispensaries.

This news comes at a time when tensions toward the US government and the cannabis industry are at an all time high. News from the White House is that the Trump Administration, via the notoriously anti cannabis Jeff Sessions plans on a federal crackdown on recreational cannabis sometime in the future. This news from Canada is certainly good news for cannabis activists, particularly those who have invested in the Canadian cannabis industry, whose stocks have taken a jump since the news broke.

The official announcement will be made the week of April 10th. We’ll keep you updated.

Source: CBC

Image Source: Vice

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