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Why Is Canada Having A Weed Drought?

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You may or may not have heard that Canada is going through a pretty bad weed drought. If you live in Canada, then I’m pretty sure you were definitely aware that Canada is running out of weed. So the question is, why is Canada going through a weed drought? How will this affect the country’s plans to legalize cannabis July of next year?

While a weed drought may just sound like a major buzzkill, it’s actually a lot more serious than that. The cannabis shortage is expected to be so severe that not only will prices increase dramatically, there is a very real possibility that medical users will be pushed aside in favor of recreational users next July, when Trudeau officially legalizes recreational cannabis. Well, why don’t they start growing more, you might ask. If you know anything about growing cannabis, you know that it takes time, and I’m not just referring to the actual growing process. It takes time to obtain growing permits, find an adequate place to grow, and so on.

Canada also does not have enough money to grow enough cannabis to meet demands. According to Lift, a cannabis media platform based out of Vancouver BC, Canada has the funding to boost their growth from 400-500,000 kg. Well, that sounds okay, right? Nope. That’s not even close enough to meet demand, which is expected to be 650,000 kg.

There is also another concern: Canada’s weed drought could potentially bring back the illegal market, which had all but vanished. What can Canada do? Could they import cannabis from the US? Nope. Cannabis is still a Schedule I substance in the US, and individual states cannot enter into trade agreements with other countries.

How will Canada solve its weed drought? I don’t know, they may or they may not. Will Canada’s weed shortage affect the US? I guess we’ll just have to find out.

Source: New York Post

Image Source: Toronto Star

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