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California’s Plan To Protect Their Cannabis Industry

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If Jeff Sessions’ Justice Department does make good on their threat to crack down on the recreational cannabis, the state of California has a plan to protect their cannabis industry. Assembly Bill 1578, would bar local law enforcement from assisting the feds in investigating and/or arresting cannabis growers and sellers who are in compliance with state laws. This is similar to the “Sanctuary City” law, which outlaws local law enforcement from helping with immigration raids.

Not only would state and local police not have the power to assist in raids by the feds, state and local funds that were normally allocated for law enforcement would not be used either. The bill would also not allow local authorities to give out the names of people with state-issued licenses to grow and sell cannabis.

Of course, not all members of local law enforcement are in support of the proposed legislation. Kern County Sheriff Donny Youngblood said to the LA Times that the proposed legislation, “really is quite offensive.” Legalization advocates are naturally excited. California NORML state coordinator Dale Gieringer said to the LA Weekly, “This is the equivalent of noncooperation on deportation and environmental laws — part of the larger California resistance to federal intrusion.” 

Other states with recreational cannabis are taking steps to protect their industry, or their customers. The Colorado state legislature has introduced legislation that would allow recreational cannabis to be quickly re classified as medicinal, so it could not be confiscated by the Feds. Oregon just passed a bill that would force dispensaries to destroy any records containing information about their customers. Lawmakers in Washington are also considering how to best protect their cannabis industry from the Trump administration.

We don’t know how the cannabis industry’s resistance to the Trump administration will turn out. All we know for sure is that we’re not giving up without a fight!

Source: Huffington Post

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