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California’s Cannabis Surplus May End Up Attracting the Feds

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California grows the largest amount of cannabis in the country by a lot. California’s year long warm climate has always made the state a pot growing paradise, with some of the most popular strains of all time being grown right on its golden coasts. Unfortunately, California’s cannabis surplus might end up drawing the attention of the DEA.

Last year, California consumed 2.5 million pounds of cannabis. That sounds like a lot until you find out that the state grew 13.5 million pounds as well. Right now, they are sitting on about 11 pounds of surplus pot. The thing is they’re not exactly sitting on it, a lot of it is ending up in states like Texas, where cannabis is still illegal. If things continue in this fashion it is highly likely that the feds will end up going after the state’s billion dollar cannabis industry.

The Cole memo prevents federal law enforcement from going after legal cannabis states, as long as they are in compliance with laws. Naturally, this extends to exporting cannabis to other states, and it goes doubly for exporting to states that ban the bud.

The California Bureau of Cannabis Control is now furiously working to get the situation with California’s cannabis surplus under control by quickly coming up with new regulations that would prevent more cannabis from being smuggled out of the state. May growers are now tracking their plants “from seed to sale” to ensure that they end up where they’re supposed to. Assemblyman Tom Lackey (R-Palmdale) will be proposing legislation which would make the California Highway Patrol the head law enforcement for tracking down cannabis from the black market. The new legislation will be decided on in January.

Of course, if California tries to regulate too much, the state runs the risk of scaring off people new to the industry. Existing cannabusinesses might suddenly find themselves not in compliance with state laws. Something has to be done though. The DEA currently does not have anyone at the helm, but that could change very soon and California could find itself and its billion dollar industry in the crosshairs.

Source: LA Times

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Is there a way for California to solve its cannabis surplus problem without enacting too many regulations, or will the state have to finally get tough on the black market trade? Tell us what you think below!