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California Cannabis Clothing Ban Fails

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A couple months ago, we covered a story on a bill doing its rounds through the California legislature. The bill, if passed would have banned cannabis clothing. It looks like California lawmakers were able to successfully defeat the cannabis clothing ban, which is great news for the cannabis industry!

The proposed ban on cannabis clothing would have prevented any companies associated with cannabis, such as dispensaries, farmers, etc., from advertising their businesses on apparel such as hats and shirts. Had the cannabis clothing ban actually gone into effect, this would have been devastating to these businesses (especially small businesses), who are extremely limited in the ways they can advertise. Not surprisingly, the bill was met with a lot of resistance from both inside and outside of the industry.

The California Cannabis Manufacturers Association wrote a letter to California lawmakers urging them to vote against the cannabis clothing ban bill. They made the argument that such a ban would “undercut a legitimate revenue center for cannabis licensees.” Last week, the bill was shelved without explanation by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Senator Ben Allen (D-Santa Monica) who sponsored the bill had this to say “The Legislature in the past has wisely prohibited advertising with branded merchandise by tobacco companies, expressly because items like hats and t-shirts are known to entice kids to smoke. This was a common sense measure to apply similar restrictions that would help prevent marijuana use by teens.”

Senator Allen obviously hasn’t been a teenager for a long time and doesn’t remember what it was like. Teenagers aren’t going to start using cannabis because a cartoon pot leaf tells them to. Typically demonizing something makes said thing more attractive to adolescents. This bill was designed to cannabis businesses. Hopefully the cannabis clothing ban has been vanquished for good.

Source: LA Times

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Do you think a cannabis clothing ban would protect teens, or is it just designed to hurt legitimate businesses? Share in the comments!