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The Bubbler, The Goldilocks Of Glass

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It can be a difficult thing to find a perfect piece, and for many people, it can be because they believe their options are limited to two categories: pipe, or, bong. This, however, is simply not true, there is a third option! The bubbler. Bubblers are a cross between hand-pipes and bongs, they’re essentially smaller water-pipes that can usually be held with one hand.

Pipes Are Too Small

Handpipes, whether they be spoonbowl or sherlock, all have the same few problems. They’re dainty, fragile, and fairly inefficient at reducing heat and ash from the hit, but they are small and easily transportable, making them the most convenient type of smoking device. Some would also go so far to argue that pipes tend to be the most user-friendly. While I love smoking out of my sherlock from time to time, it’s practically useless when I want to sit down for a good smoke sesh because I end up constantly needing to reload it, and since it can’t stand, every time I set it down I end up losing some green out of my bowl.

Bongs Are Too Big

When most people think of water-pipes, they think of big, bulky pieces of glass with multiple percolation systems and a massive bowl, or they think of an old Gatorade bottle with a homemade downstem. In either case, bongs can be considered unnecessarily large, expensive, and overall hard to manage for many situations. They can be difficult to hit, difficult to pass in the middle of a smoke sesh, and they can also be giant pains to clean!

Bubblers Are Just Right

Bubblers truly share the best of both worlds from pipes and bongs. They’re small, sleek, and come with the same water diffusion capabilities that bongs have, albeit smaller. Bubblers can be less expensive than bongs, but still have ample percolation in the piece, and also are also bigger than hand-pipes, but not as difficult to handle as a bong.

Although bubblers aren’t as portable as pipes, and tend not to have as many options when it comes to percolation as bongs, they do provide a happy middle ground that meets just about every basic need for a stoner. Bubblers can be your best friend, and will make an excellent edition to your collection!

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