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Brace Yourselves: Cannabis Clubs Are (Probably) Coming

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Yesterday, the Colorado state senate voted on a bill that would allow cannabis clubs in the state. This is the first time that cannabis clubs have been approved anywhere in the US. The bill will be voted on by the house next, and it certainly looks like it will pass there too.

The cannabis clubs would be BYOC, and sale inside the clubs would not be permitted. Alcohol and food (with the exception of snacks) would not be allowed either, since Colorado law does not allow cannabis and alcohol to be sold in the same places.

The sponsors of the bill told reporters, that the bill was an attempt to address the number of illegal cannabis clubs that have begun to spring up all over the state. Proponents of the drug war could learn a thing or two from the Colorado state legislature.

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper is demanding that a provision be made which would disallow smoking inside the clubs. The bill currently carries no such provision. His reasoning he said is because “Smoking is bad for you. I’m not sure that’s a great thing to be encouraging.” Governor Hickenlooper also thinks that with all the tension between the Trump administration and the cannabis industry, now is not the time to rock the boat on cannabis.

Sponsors of the bill hope cannabis clubs will get people to stop toking up in the streets, which would probably be a good thing for people to stop doing. Be respectful with your smoke people!

As far as Hickenlooper’s assertion that now is not the right time to draw attention from the federal government, I can certainly understand that. I also think that if Colorado’s actions show that they are attempting to deal with the issue of illegal clubs and public consumption. That can only look good, right? Especially if opening cannabis clubs eliminated both illegal clubs and public consumption.

If Colorado does open cannabis clubs, then it’ll only be a matter of time before they open in Oregon, Washington, and eventually California.

Source: CBS News Denver

Image Source: YouTube