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Bong-A-Thon Goes On – Despite Judge Ruling

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The Colorado Invitational Bong-A-Thon went off without a hitch earlier this week, with many happy participants enjoying a wide range of unique and exciting bongs.

This comes despite a decision from a judge that forbid the event from happening at its original location in Montezuma County. A 14-day restraining order was issued in late July, which would have effectively cancelled the event.

Organizers scrambled, however, and saved the day. They decided to privately select a different place and keep it that way until the last moment. The new location was privately messaged to ticket-holders shortly before the event began. They promised it would be within a few hours of Denver, allowing participants to plan accordingly.

If you’re curious about the legendary event, check out Just Say Yo, a documentary covering its history.

The schedule included a series of challenges and competitions for experienced smokers, along with a relaxed party atmosphere and, of course, an impressive number of bongs.

Here are the results, posted on their official Facebook page earlier today:

Individual bong-a-Thon, 7 grams
1st Mark Rice, now 7 time champion 6mn 50sec
2nd Ken Glaser, 7mn 13sec
3rd Red Mendoza, 7mn 32 sec

Team Comp 5 man: 1oz
1st “The Competition” 2mn 26sec

Relay Comp, 7 man team, 7 grams
1st “National Bong Racing Association” 5mn 58sec

1st Matt Fiber 40 dabs over 20mn. Total of 4 grams.

Fastest Gram
1st Red Mendoza 42sec

Fastest Tandem Gram, 6 ft bong
1st Doug Ware and Rex, 33sec

Congratulations to the clandestine cannabis champions!