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Blunts Vs Bowls: Which Is The Superior Way To Smoke?

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Some stoners are loyal to glass, and others prefer paper. Even more people probably don’t give a shit because it’s weed and they’ll smoke it regardless. Which is the superior way of smoking? Well as it turns out, there are benefits to each smoking method.

Blunt Wraps Don’t Taste All That Great

Have you ever accidentally smoked a blunt rolled in a stale wrap? It’s one of the nastiest tasting things ever and to be honest, it’s kind of ruined blunts for me. Even a fresh blunt wrap doesn’t taste all that great. It interferes with the pure taste of the cannabis and it reminds me too much of smoking a cigar. I’ll pass. Glass on the other hand, does not interfere with the taste. That is, unless you’re smoking out of a really dirty piece, which you shouldn’t be.

Blunts/Joints Are Portable

Blunts and joints are much better for smoking on the go, whether you’re going on a space cruise, or a nature hike. One hitters are good too, but you have to pack the piece and your herb with you. Then you have to worry about hiding it and not breaking your piece. With a joint or blunt all you need is a lighter. After you smoke it, the only thing you have on you is a lighter.

Blunts/ Joints Use A Lot Of Weed

Unless you’ve always got a large quantity of cannabis, it seems like a waste to me. The worst is when someone rolls a crappy joint that’s either rolled too tight and you can’t get a draw, or it’s too loose and it’s filled with air pockets. Sometimes rolling a joint or blunt is a messy process and you’ll end up losing some bud in the process.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Dropping A Blunt

Quite a few of us are way more clumsy when we’re stoned and those people tend to drop things. It’s okay, accidents happen but that doesn’t change the fact that your favorite pipe is now lying in pieces on your floor. If you drop a blunt it’s obviously not going to break― unless it was rolled really badly.

Bowls Require Less Effort

It takes me about ten seconds to pack a good bowl with minimal effort. Pack it in, light it up, inhale, and repeat. Sometimes it takes forever to roll a joint. People either get distracted in conversation, they get way too technical with the rolling, or they can’t roll for shit so they litter the table with their failed attempts. Twenty minutes later everyone is still waiting to smoke. At that point, just pull out the bong, man.

Blunts And Joints Last Waaay Longer Than Bowls

When done right, a blunt smokes way longer than a bowl. This not only makes blunts and joints ideal for smoking in large circles. Everyone is guaranteed to get a couple good hits, and you won’t have to keep reloading the bowl.

Blunts Are Easier To Hide

Say you’re at a party and you want to smoke up. Unless you brought enough to smoke out the entire party, some people are going to be left out. It’s much easier to disguise a smoking circle when you’re smoking a joint or blunt, than it is passing a bowl around. You can pass off the joint as a cigarette and hopefully avoid hurting someone’s feelings.

Bowls Hit Smoother

Bowls hit better than joints, especially if you’re smoking out of a water piece. Hits off a blunt or joint tend to be pretty harsh at times, especially if you take too hard a drag. You’re also not smoking paper or tobacco, which is the case with joints and blunts respectively. There are papers made of hemp available, but most people tend to use what you can get at a smoke shop.

Which one is better? Sometimes blunts and joints are more well suited for the occasion, and other times a glass piece will suit your needs. Does one really have to be better than the other? We all love our cannabis, does it really matter how we choose to consume it? Smoke the way that makes you happy.

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